My work explores new and innovative ways of promoting a product, advocating for a cause or organizing an event.

I use transmedia storytelling; which allows me to tell the story of my project through several platforms, using digital media; projection mapping, 360-degree film, VR and others, traditional media and installations.

This approach allows me to deconstruct the story of my product and use each mean of communication in the most effective way to strengthen and extend the reach of marketing.

I experiment with various mediums, new techniques and methodologies in order to create interactive and multi sensorial experiences. 


I hold a BA in graphic design and 2D animation, and a MA in Digital Direction from the Royal College of Art in London.

A resourceful attitude is key but so is fun, playfulness and sometimes magic.


Final Show / RCA - London / February 2019


Sense - Ability / RCA - London / October 2018


WIP Show / RCA - London / Jun 2018

Beyond No.186 / David Par House - London / Jun 2018

Senses + Space / RCA - London / April 2018

Other Passions
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Myplatetoyou or My passion for cooking and designing beautiful dishes.