Sense of Belonging
In the social sciences, a social group has been defined as two or more people who interact with one another, share similar characteristics, and collectively have a sense of unity. 
Our aim was to identify, expose the types of links that connect people and examine how those links evolved with time.  
How ?
We designed belts and breaded links that could connect the belts/participants.
We created 3 kinds of links; a short one but strong, a medium length and strong one  and a long and weak one. 
Each of those links represented type of relationships and connections we experience. 
Participants were asked to focus on maintaining the distances between each other as predetermined by the length of the links.
The links were breaded in a way that when they were pulled at from one side or the other they would start undoing themselves. Thereby creating longer links and distancing the participants. 
The participants were given orders and tasks and we could see the links evolving with time. 
Project done in collaboration with Ashley Zuqi Zhang &
Petra Ritzer.