Forest of Memories

This project was created from a curiosity to study the bridge that can be built between the elder generation and the young one and play a role in creating that link. 




How ?

We met regularly with a group of elder carers discussing the topic of love and relationships, coming to them with questions on the matter from the younger generation and asking for their advices. 


Three booklets were created to keep track of the evolution of our project.

The answers of the carers where recorded and were the main catalyst of the creation of our immersive environment. 


Our space is a forest of the memories of the Elderly we met.

It is an intercative area where the visitors walk through layers of thoughts guided by the diverse voices and stories of the carers.

Whilst at first the forest is light and the stories are funny, the visitor naviguate deeper in the space, where the forest gets more dense and

the memories and thoughts more emotional.

The Forest of memories was created through a collaboration with the carers of the Redbridge Center and was co-designed with Milda Samsonaite.