I am a Rug

Design generated by crowd sourcing.

How ?

Case studied :

Leighton House Museum

Leighton house Museum is home to 31 oriental rugs.

They are filled with patterns and colors.

Beyond it’s purpose as a rug, an oriental rug is somehting precious, an item that you pass on from generation to generation, It is a witness of time and memory.

They are marked by our habits.

Their color fade with the sunlight.

They age under our steps and the routine of our life.

Is it just a fabric that dresses the floor ? or a decorative piece of furniture ?

Is it something we need to warm our houses or something we buy just to buy more stuff ?

With Perec’s way of perceiving spaces in mind,

I decided to create a new “oriental rug” made out of people’s idea of what makes an oriental rug, an oriental rug.

For my research, I chose one of the rugs

in Leighton’s House, I shared a picture of this rug with the following instructions :


"Please choose the aspect of this rug/carpet,

that (in your opinion makes it what it is)

and describe it without using the words

"rug" or "carpet". Like in a charade.

You can choose to describe:

-the shape/ one particular shape

-The purpose ( the purpose of this object

or the one you would give it )

-the colors/ one particular color

-The texture

-A memory that comes to your mind

when you see this object

-Any other aspect that I have missed.

Just pick one of the above aspects and describe the object in your own way, using objectif listing, comparaisons, sarcasm, humor, poems, etc, .. "

The research was answeared by 36 individuals, coming from artistic and non-artistic backgrounds.

It was done through face to face interactions

and through social media.

Every 4 different aspects where then randomely

grouped, which led to 9 “complete descriptions”.

9 random persons where then each handed a

different “complete description” and asked to draw the product described.

9 new oriental rugs where created.

One of those Rugs was randomly chosen and executed. 

It resulted in 2 resin oriental window tiles.